Saving the Planet's Water Nature's Way


SINCE 1988

Koenders Windmills have been in business for over twenty years - building windmill aeration systems to keep ponds healthy and clean. We have also created many other innovative products over the years.

Koenders offers an air driven shallow water pump that can pump water from ponds and dugouts up to holding tanks for both drip irrigation and cattle drinking. We also build a well water pump that is driven completely by air that can pump water up from shallow wells less than 30 Ft from the surface.

Koenders Water Pumps

Due to droughts and water shortages all over the world – pond water is evaporating and ground water from wells are depleting at the shallow depths. We are needing to go deeper into the ground to find water springs and other sources to pump up to the surface for things such as:

Koenders Innovation

Due to our customer’s increased demand for these solutions we have been working with innovators in other fields to come up with proven solutions that can be used to draw water from depths as low as 250 feet. We have spent the last few years working on solutions that would be as affordable, effective and reliable as our current product offerings that our customers expect.

Introducing Koenders New Line of Solar Water Pumps

In our research there are other windmill products that can be used to pump water from depths of a few hundred feet and more but they are extremely expensive to install and ship unlike our current models that are very cost effective in pumping water from shallow depths or up short distances.

We have designed our own complete line of solar powered water pumps that come in 3 models: